New gTLDs: grab the opportunity!

Are you ready?

Until now, there are only 23 generic top level domains - gTLDs. Country code top level domains - ccTLDs - exist too, like .nl for The Netherlands and .be for Belgium. But the internet is about to change... big time!

Soon hundreds of new meaningful generic top level domains - new gTLDs will be launched, you should consider them when you surf the web. There will be sites ending in brand names like .GOOGLE or .PHILIPS, cities like .LONDON or .PARIS, target groups like .ART, products for .BABY, .AUTO or .FOOD, and of course more generic like .APP, .SHOP or .WEBSITE.

There will be millions of new website name options for emerging businesses and innovation online in many categories like beauty, business entities, cities, food, cultures, health, niche, and more. Supporters say new gTLDs will bring better choice, competition, innovation and opportunity to website names.

Robusta offers you pre-registration for domain names in more than 700 new generic top level domains (new gTLDs). Pre-registrations are free and you don't commit to anything. Make sure you're first in line and pre-register your favourite domains now! There is no commitment: you only indicate your interest in this domain. As soon as all information regarding the extension is available, like pricing, rules and dates, we will inform you. At that time you can decide whether to proceed with the registration.

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