Privacy Policy

This text describes the Privacy Policy to which all visitors of the Robusta Hosting ("Robusta") website are bound. Robusta has the right to change or extend this Privacy Policy without notice.
This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Robusta website. Third Party websites that Robusta provides links to, are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Robusta is not responsible for the content of these third party websites, and linking to these websites does not imply approval of the content of these websites.
This website provides information regarding the services and products provided by Robusta. Robusta has the right to change this information without previous notice. Robusta nor related third parties can guarantee that the information is complete, reliable, accurate, correct nor up-to-date.
The website contains public and private sections. Access to the private sections can be obtained by using usernames and passwords. Robusta can modify or deny this access at any time. To obtain access to the private sections, the visitor might need to provide personal data (name, address, email, ...). Robusta respects the privacy of this data, and assures that this data is protected. The personal data will not be provided to third parties, unless this is necessary to provide the service requested by the visitor. Any request to change these personal data will be executed as soon as possible.
Robusta can collect anonymous data automatically (IP address, operating system, browser, ...) when visiting the website. This data can be used by Robusta to evaluate and optimise the functionalities and content of the website. While visiting the website, cookies can be stored on your computer. You will have the option to not store the cookies on your computer, but you might not be able to use all functionalities of the website.
The content and layout of the website are copyright of Robusta, and may not be copied or reproduced without prior consent of Robusta. Linking to the website is allowed, when the links point to the homepage. Other links may not be made without prior consent of Robusta.
For questions or remarks regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us.